Instagram views needs to be discussed at a closer ranger.

News 09:04 April 2024:

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Interestingly, too little attention has been given to how much time people spend on the social media platform.  This in essence is something that might be a little bit worrying.  There is a generation that literally does nothing constructive other than spend endless amount of hours online.  What they do not understand is that they can invest the time spent on the social media elsewhere doing something useful.  The number of photos and content that change hands on Instagram on any given day is incredibly large.  It is therefore not surprising that the issue of Instagram views needs to be discussed at a closer ranger.

What difference does it really make on who views your content or not?  It does a lot because it gives you the chance to be heard on the social media platform.  Getting views on Instagram over the last few years have been on decline and continue to do so as people are either too busy or prefer to go the automatic way.  How do you increase the same without raising eye brows?  Imagine you are not alone, a lot of people have found themselves in the same situation over and over again and as we read on, we will see how this can make a difference.

The first and most important thing you need to consider when wanting to increase your Instagram views is to know your audience.  Who are your target group?  Do your research and know what tickles them wanting them to want more.  Is it content, still photos or videos?  Never underrate the importance of a group discussion were people come together to discuss a trending and important issue.  There are numerous ways to consider how you reach your audience and once you have captured their attention, believe you me the rest will be history.

Secondly, never post at the same time.  Always ensure that any posting you make is at different time.  Through that, you will be able to reach a higher audience and secretly keep them wanting for more.  Posting at the same time becomes repetitive and your audiences might not find anything interesting.  Through posting at difference times, you will have known when you have a larger audience on line.  It is easier to have a one to one chat when a large number of people are still on the page than later when the time frames have changed.

Lastly, if you have time and want to share more with your audiences, continue posting the same article after a few minutes or hours.  This might look out of place but the secret is that it allows more people to view the same and make comments as necessary.  Posting after a few intervals also opens the chat forum to other audience in the other parts of the world who would normally want to chat with you but cannot do so because of the time zones.   Share your story in bits to make your audiences wanting for more.  If you give the story or post at the same time, you will disappoint your audience.