Why attending Local events can turn you into a twitter Sensation

News 09:02 February 2024:

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These days, any worthwhile event is organized by professionals. And not only are professionals involved to ensure everything goes as planned, social media is being turned into a panel for preparing and inviting attendees. Companies are using Facebook events, twitter and other social networks to enquire and ensure that their invitees feel comfortable and excited about the big day. During the event, twitter has become the number one social network to bring the guest together.

Each event is held with a hash tag on it, and the most active person, or the one who gets the highest twitter likes with their posts gets acknowledged by event holders. Now imagine taking part in three events per month, where twitter was actively used to make the event a more engaged campaign. If you are an outgoing person, chances are that you can attract a few hundred followers by only getting active in local events. In addition, being an active twitter user during events gives you more recognition, and could help you become an authority when it comes to event planning and social media campaigns.