Twitters latest feature

News 04:12 December 2023:

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Twitter use continues to grow drastically and every often users get to enjoy some very useful and interesting features.  The latest in their system is the twitter polls.  But what are these polls and how do they work.  This is what most people wish to know and understand.   The polls give users a chance to weight on a particular quote or any tweet.  It is another great way where creators get to know people’s opinion about what they have just posted.  It is a very easy to use feature as long as you have a twitter account.

One thing users have appreciated is that it is quite easy for one to create their own twitter polls.  There are two ways to go about it.  You can choose to create your polls on the web/desktop or on an android or iOS platform using the twitter app.  Go to the twitter navigation bar and click on add poll button.  After that it is upon you to compose your question.    You will realise that you have been two choices to choose from i.e. box 1 and box 2.   Each box allows you 20 characters add choice and release your tweet.f2

How Twitter Polls Help Marketers?

Are you familiar with Twitter polls? This was recently launched and is a form of feature that enables users to create as well as easily broadcast a native poll on their Twitter account. It is imperative to understand that once you create a tweet then you choose the poll icon and from there you will need to set the number of response options, adjust the duration and finally promote the poll. Take in mind that once it is live, users can view the outcomes in real time of immediate insights.

Because such feature was launched recently, it has been observed that a number of brands have used them successfully to achieve many kinds of marketing goals and have determined some practices to aid users perform the same.

Here are a few ways marketers can factor in to boost their sales and money making ventures with the help of Twitter polls:f2

              Give people a say in terms of decisions.

Assuredly, you can establish more solid relationship between you and your followers through inviting them to partake in the decision you make. This is because you allow them to deepen their engagement with the product or services you offer through demonstrating to them that their point of view is important to you. In other words, the next time you’re mulling over a decision, you can engage your followers by asking them what you think you should do and allow them to know that you appreciate their opinion.

              Make sure to post branded polls on a regular basis.

It is essential to think through that running polls on a regular basis is an effective method to generate buzz on your brand and from there you can remain present in the minds of your audience. Moreover, you can try creating a series of polls which you run on a weekly basis in order to regularly demonstrate to your audience that you are listening to them.

              Discreetly conduct market research on the services and product you offer.

Twitter polls could successfully yield immediate customer insight through merely providing you immediate responses to your queries. Consider collecting valuable information that you want to know about your followers or in case you have a hypothesis that you’re trying to mull over- you may post this to your followers in order to unveil if you would prefer to continue delving into it.

              Make sure that you only promote specific products or services.

Take into account that whether you’re marketing a current service or launching a new product, polls around chosen services or products could aid come up with cross-marketing effect on the rest of what you offer. For instance, consider asking what your audience prefers most about a product or service, which allows you to specify a few of its marketable traits.

What should you keep in mind when it comes to creating polls in Twitter?

Each poll in Twitter can have by up to 4 response options. Aside from this, the marketing possibilities are boundless. That said, you can try your own poll in this social media app and see how this helps promote your product or service offering.