How important are Free Likes

News 08:02 February 2024:

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There is nothing more gratifying to any social media user than having friends and followers who like their posts often. It is even more exciting when one of your posts goes a little bit viral and attracts many more free likes than your average posts. You feel like a celebrity for a moment, and to some people, maintaining the high likes is all that matters on Facebook, twitter or instagram. On Facebook for instance, the like icon is the most powerful feature, which is the reason why people do crazy things just to ensure that they attract as many likes as they can.

The insatiable thirst to be the gurus of social media has however come with its own disadvantages. Today, very many people are willing to break the rules of integrity and honesty just to attract the highest number of free likes on their posts. Using apps that trick others to like your apps unintentionally for instance is a common and relatively accepted method of increasing the likes you get on posts. On the other hand, people are ever plagiarizing material for the sole purpose of attracting many likes.

Reasons to Encourage Free Likes

People have different reasons why they join social media platforms. Many just wish to get in touch with friends and family or expand their circles by meeting people from other nations while others have various business purposes. Whatever your reason is in setting up your social media account, it cannot be denied how a high number of likes in whatever you post in your account can make you ecstatic and make your business flourish even more.f1

So, does it make sense to encourage free likes in Facebook?

Admit it or not, having a well-liked page in social media is an outstanding way to establish various forms of relationships, obtain major brand exposure and of course this offers one great opportunity to get in touch with a large group of targeted audience. This is probably one of the reasons why an increasing number of Facebook users opt for raising their visibility in this highly recognized social media platform.

Here are some of the reasons why having more free likes is a great advantage:

o   Expression of inclination or liking toward something or affinity.

In truth, a “like” is a clear expression of casual fondness. In addition, this simply indicates that the guest has an interest in your business and wishes to know more about you, your product or service. This could certainly lead to establishing stronger connections with clients and of course a higher degree of engagement with them.

o    You can delight in a more effective form of advertising. In reality, the advertising platform of Facebook keeps a record of all the “likes” activities wherein entrepreneurs who choose to use this tool can have easy access to data in order to generate more highly-targeted advertisements.  Further, this conveys that entrepreneurs can accomplish a higher degree of importance and purpose when it comes to advertising.

o   People will be added to your fan base at the time they liked your page so this offers greater email marketing capability. Moreover, this could easily transmit broadcast-style emails to all your fans wherein they are targeted hinged on their location, gender as well as age. Keep in mind that such strategy must not be overly used. Transmitting email occasionally is a great means to remain highly visible on the minds of your customers.

o  Likes have greater chances of leading to insights. Linked with every page in Facebook is an analytics component that is referred to as insights. This offers complete information on the page’s fan activity and some valuable demographic data- all these can be substantial for market research purposes.f2

o  Having more likes means having more engaged users. In actuality, it is claimed that people who click the like button in Facebook are more connected, active and engaged as compared to other average users. Liking a content means being engrossed in delving into the content that they discover on this social media platform.

At present, many entrepreneurs take advantage of Facebook to expand their business. As you can see, there’s so much more of the marketing value of Facebook to be obtained through gathering as many fans as feasible. In order for you to maximize your fan base, there are a number of powerful tools and features that you can use to obtain more likes.